Acupuncture Wokingham

About Acupuncture Wokingham

Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto has been practicing acupuncture in Wokingham for over 10 years and has been practicing acupuncture for over 13 years. He comes from a family of acupuncturists. He completed the toughest course of acupuncture in Europe, studying for 5 years and graduated from Beijing University of Chinese medicine in 2004. Since then he opened his own clinic for in Wokingham called the Wokingham Therapy Clinic. It’s based in Wokingham town centre and specializes in offering local people acupuncture in Wokingham.

Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto has helped many people with acupuncture in Wokingham for a multitude of problems. He can treat most problems and specialises in acupuncture pain relief in Wokingham and fertility acupuncture in Wokingham.

Watch the video below of Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto discussing and answering questions about acupuncture in Wokingham.

Clinic Address: 49 Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2AY, UK